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11-13-2012, 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
sorry to be the one to do this, but i feel it's necessary..

no kdf ships again? sweet.


I agree. The Federation shipyard is a sad state of affairs. So many ships, too many even.
I don't intend to buy another Fed ship until they release a real carrier, one with like 3 turning speed, 2 weapons fore and aft and 4 hangar bays.

However, I did purchase this Steamrunner pack. The VA retrofit is terrible. Going for a full DPS build on a tactical character just doesn't work. You can do loads of damage for about 15 seconds until it gets blown to pieces. Its base shield modifier cripples it too much.
It has 10 console slots, but you sacrifice one for the new console which isn't that great anyway.

The rest of the pack is very useful for anyone starting a new character though, especially an entry levele ship running 4 console slots. But then again, anyone who already has a VA will most probably be able to kit out a new character with good gear and Boff's anyway...

I will prob turn this into a torpedo boat as well. Managed to crit 400k damage yesterday in an STF using Tricobalt Mines and Dispersal Pattern Beta III