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when changing ships, autofire seems to be locked out. i can no longer toggle my weapons to auto fire anymore. it seems to affect both space and ground.

workaround: change your skill tray to setting 1 (out of 4) and your weapons tray window should pop up. if it's hidden, then go to rearrange hud and click show in the upper right hand corner of the window marked weapons. in that window, you can enable and disable autofire.

visual aide:

keypad enter does not work anymore. what's the deal?
it mistakes my numpad enter for regular enter. if you slot the skill for regular enter, you can use the numpad enter to enable the skill. a mix up in the coding, i believe.

warped into a klingon scout force mission and was kicked out 10 seconds later. tried multiple times to no avail.

mk xii borg armor visual overrides uniform... partly. half omega/half khg. not working as intended.

please address. thanks for taking the time to read this.

p.s. yes, i know there's a sub forum for bugs, but looking at the follow devs post, not many of them address issues posted there.

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