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I have three purple flight deck doffs that, when equipped, should grant a 12 second cool reduction in total. My single, advanced danube hangar on my armitage starts at 36 seconds, counts down to 34, then jumps to 27.

Even if it jumped straight from 36 to 27, that would still only be 9 seconds of cool reduction, but because of the extra two seconds of count down before it jumps, it is really only 7 seconds of cool reduction.

On my atrox carrier, a single advanced danube hangar start at 32 seconds, counts to 30 then jumps to 24, so that's 6 seconds of cool reduction for the three purple flight deck doffs that are supposed to provide 12 seconds of cool reduction. Additionally, if I equip two advanced danube hangars and activate them both in rapid succession, they both jump from 32, to 25, to 18. As such, carriers with two hangars get more benefit out of flight deck doffs than ships with one hangar.

I read in the patch notes that the flight deck doffs are supposed to be fixed, but clearly they are not. Please fix them so that they provide the proper cool. Additionally, if you extra nerfed them because of the back to back hangar benefit, please remove that and increase the cool reduction they grant so it doesn't matter if you have one hangar or two, you get the same benefit from the doffs. Pretty please with a cherry on top?