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11-13-2012, 07:23 PM
Thing is in Next Gen, DS9, movies, etc, the big ships, like the galaxy class were capable of firing multiple phaser blasts at a target as well as torpedoes, which made them seem all the more impressive on the screen. But you come to STO and you're limited to 4 forward weapons and 4 aft weapons, and while yes you can broad side and bring 8 beams to bear, its still not like its portrayed on TV.

Now I'm not saying that the game needs to play like it does on TV, but that's where people got their initial feel for star trek, on TV. They want their ship to be just like that... they want their defiant class ship to rip apart hostiles like its tearing through a wet paper sack, they want their big cruisers to blast holes in the sides of borg cubes, and they want their ships councilor to wear skimpy risa outfits. However, that doesn't translate well into STO. And unless they make some serious game breaking changes, it wont.