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11-13-2012, 06:28 PM
I actually find it funny that any one player thinks they pay a fair portion of anyone's salary, even at federal minimum wage (and I'm fairly sure that CA minimum is well above that).

7.25/hr x 40 hrs/wk x 52 weeks/yr = annual salary of 15,080

That's just for one person. A "fair amount" of even that is a ridiculous amount of money.

Anyway, mathematics aside, we should be used to knee jerk "I quit" threads by now. Nerd rage abounds on the forums, after all.

It's much the same as in the real world. Things don't go someone's way, they quit, think that they're entitled enough that their quitting really means more than spitting in the wind, and we give our obligatory "who gives a rat's patoot" finger twirl....

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