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It started a while back on Tribble, and now I'm certain of two things: 1) The problem is being caused by something in the S7 files, 2) Verify all files is not working.

Yes, it began on Tribble and it started happening today after the S7 patch, which is obvious that there's something in there that's causing the problem. I go to load STO, it gets past the Cryptic screen, moves on to the Starfleet logo loading screen, and crashes to desktop there. I reload the launcher, it says 'Do you want to verify all files?' and I hit yes. The loading bar says 'patching' for 15+ minutes, then it changes to 'ready' with the Engage button lit up. So, I click it and it crashes exactly the same way.

So, can someone give a step-by-step process of exactly how to verify all files to make sure I'm doing it right? And if it still keeps crashing, then what?