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# 1 R.i.p. Pve & Sto
11-13-2012, 06:53 PM
Well played, Perfect World. Your greed has killed PVE, and with it, Star Trek Online. Congratulations, I guess.

There's nothing left to do in Star Trek Online at 50 if you don't want to bend over for the new reputation system being forced down our throats with Season 7. They expect you will be reaching for your wallet rather than wait to accumulate enough dilithium to finish paying to grind-craft your Mk X MACO engine.

Now, after doing all the work grinding STFs, they want you to also CRAFT your loot in a version of the fleet project panel, adding the most important ingredient of all, large piles of dilithium. Yes, the very same substance that is no longer rewarded for STFs.

You really did it. You managed to turn pay2win into pay2pray2win and now just pay 2 lose. Star Trek doesn't need a reboot now so much as a rebate.