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11-13-2012, 07:55 PM
I feel jerked around by the assertion on Tribble that the absence of dilithium in STFs was an error.

I think Cryptic is way too caught up in what I call wikiality, the desire to balance, retune, and recapitalize old content. Nothing is ever done and so no nothing is ever moved beyond.

Oops, that old design is out of whack.

Even the "finale" of the STFs ends with a big shoulder shrug regarding the fate of the Queen.

Oops. She got away. Oops, we killed her a second time but she'll always be out there as long as there's a single Borg.

Everything is repeatable and repurposable. Nothing is DEFINITIVE.

This all goes back to the problems Cryptic has had ever since Enhancement Diversification in CoX.

Better design, bad rollout of better design. You shouldn't re-design something because the old design is bad. You should work with your game more the way your community plays it, not continually yanking it back to the way you want it played.