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11-13-2012, 08:00 PM
I have to say, I'm excited about the new content and the stfs are fun thus far, but recently I purchased several character slots with zen on the basis of infrastructural investment for dilithium dailies. About a week later, S7 is announced and I find that the dailies are being killed which made my purchases worthless, so in addition to having wasted dil with no reasonable warning ahead of time, my available ways to generate it in a timely fashion have been cut as well.

My foundry usage is low overall, but there are a couple of accolade missions i enjoy for the loot potential. My primary use of Foundry was for one-clicks, so in my case, your changes will not promote usage of the foundry unless whatever criteria you set forth for missions to qualify for dil are not-at-all time intensive. To get all 3 in under 10 minutes would be workable, but more than that would be discouraging.

I like dil to trade for zen for ships and character enhancements like bank slots, doff slots etc. I could really care less about borg gear, but having to choose what to run based on the currency it provides is ludicrous. I have zero reason to play a single stf that doesnt reward dil, so much of this content is useless to my style of play.

I had considered buying some via credit card but have decided since I already pay monthly, due to these changes specifically designed to "encourage" me to buy zen with RL $, I will no longer purchase Zen, nor will I continue to subscribe monthly, until some compensation is made in game for Dilithium generation.

To spend the required time in stf's and other methods to acquire as much Dil as will be required going forward, is not a pleasure many people have. I don't feel individually slighted here, but feel the player base as a whole has been deal a poor hand, not to mention the hand is now short a couple cards.

Every player is different, no doubt, but a sad trend in failing and failed MMO's seems to be taking place here

Bottom line is: your company set an expectation. You took things away without giving the same or more in return. In response, however small it may be, I will not pay any more real-world currency to play STO or use it to purchase in game currency of any form. The changes may have more of this kind of impact than you thought, but then again, it may have just the desired effect you were looking for.

On that note, great job on the romulan content, new space sector and such, and I'm looking forward to more...regarding the changes to dilithium...well, to say I'm disappointed would be a mild way to express my thoughts on that topic. I have found myself browsing sites to read reviews on other MMO's tonight for the first time since I started STO. ...which is what led me to share my thoughts on the matter.