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11-13-2012, 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by alastorforthrigh View Post
"People are not refining Dilithium in the amounts we were expecting, so we must make Dilithium more accessible."

"Lets take them away from the missions most people run then!"

i know im lost for words.

1000 bucks that once they realise that everyone is farming contraband and only loggin in every 5 hrs to get their 2k they are going to nurf that too.

this change has nothing to do with player not hitting dilth cap or wanting players to reach the cap its nothing more than MONEY pay for dil pay for doff packs and open the bloody boxes that what this game is all bout now. WTF is the point in playing stfs anymore.

i swear these guys are going out of their way to get me to stop playing and stop buying zens.