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11-13-2012, 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Better design, bad rollout of better design. You shouldn't re-design something because the old design is bad. You should work with your game more the way your community plays it, not continually yanking it back to the way you want it played.

They don't care. They outright lied to us.

First Elite STFs were to be 480 dil.

Then, after massive rage against it, it was to be 960.

And then, total silence as they removed it completely with no intent of ever adding it back.

They want to incentivize their old, terrible content like Sb24? Completely lopsided in it's favoring of Tac/Escort above all? SB24 is worse in this regard than STFs are.

And now, you get 2 purples for 1st place!

Or is it that their metrics told them that the STFs were too hard for the mentally inept so they decided to take those mission rewards away from everyone?

SB24, The Big Dig, Klingon Scout Force - this is the content you want people playing? Really?

My advice to anyone upset with the changes is that you literally, do not log into the game at all to play it.

They can lie to us and say their metrics see more players playing than we were 2 weeks ago, but they'd be total fools to lie and say the same thing to themselves.

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