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11-13-2012, 07:05 PM
I'm usually very reluctant to ccept the idea that Cryptic is lying to us. I think things often change internally at the drop of a hat, out of people's control.

But this time, I do think Cryptic lied. And I think they did it intentionally because they knew people wouldn't agree with the new design.

You know what? You should really be letting your players dictate design if you catch yourself doing things you know will annoy them.

Your designers are really out of control if they think they should have more say than the players when it comes to design of a social game and are withholding or falsifying information rather than facing honest player feedback on a test server.

What I want is honesty, openness, and a chance at influencing things. Please. Explain why you deserve one red cent from gaming customers who you don't provide those things to.