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Originally Posted by asphe View Post
That could be the reason for the change.

Easily farmed DOffs. Which you can then sell for EC, to buy Contraband with for conversion to dil, and then to Zen. And that's just one way. I don't have access to the same kind of data the devs must have, but I could tell or at least 'feel' that some sort of arbitrage was going on and frequently took advantage of it. Much of the in-game limits are surmountable with enough characters.

So perhaps really new players won't know about it, but in a game where there is nothing you can't do or buy* without using any RL money, if you are patient enough to grind it out... that could be a problem. There is little incentive to pay RL money for Zen if for a little investment in time, you can 'buy' the same amount of Zen.

In the meantime, it's a bit of an inconvenience but if you're playing for fun, it's hopefully not a big deal.

*Steamrunner ^-^. A portent of the future?
I was thinking about the change recently and realized something I hadn't noticed before.

General recruitment is faster than branch recruitment, gives you more doffs, and is guaranteed to give at least one green. ALSO it give you a doff pack which you can simply save for later.

That's FOUR ways in which General Recruitment is better than branch recruitment! With that in mind the price change makes sense.

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