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Console wise, the Sci's Fermion seems the most useful so far, with self heal or team heal support within 5 km, it's the one I've used the most so far out of the two defensive consoles during STFs. The deflector phaser isn't that great, IMO, with it's long fire time (I'd perfer a burst) and it's limited damage. The extra damage the fourth phaser Tac console on the Aventine (Tac Vesta) gives will draw much more aggro your way, and the ship is bit fragile beyond it's shields. If you're going heal/support I'd go with the Sci model.

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It has 4 tac consoles and SA...only two...three if you want to count the bug that have 5 tac consoles. If there is anything that would meet or beat a escort its gonna be the tac vesta...just to bad doesn't have 10 weapon/5 auxiliary power.
It'd require about 7 or 8 stacks of SA to equal an escort in firepower, not counting the deflector phaser, and each stack of it takes a minute of keeping the enemy in your forward arc, so only really large enemies will it be able to catch up/surpass a 4 tac escort. Weapon power isn't such a big deal with 3x Aux DHCs Fore(I think you can just dismiss/reclaim to get three of them if you have only one Vesta model, I pulled one off each model), and the Aventine's +5 wep power and the Borg console's +5 seems to be enough to handle the rear turrets, with Warp Core Potential skill factored in.