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I'd just like to say thanks for the ride, the story missions levelling up were good and when I hit 50 I enjoyed the STFs as they provided quality entertainment and also an enjoyable way of earning the needed in-game currencies.

Season 6 and 7 have shown that that the development of the STFs was an aberration. They were a high-point in the game that the developers are no longer willing or capable of maintaining. The grind-a-day space and ground missions in the new sector and on Romulus as well as the new Hive "STF"s are both proof of that, they simply aren't polished, completely amateurish in comparison.

I play games for fun, I don't enjoy the "kill 5 groups of <insert species here>" content, there's simply no challenge there. Fair enough the old STFs had become stale after playing them literally thousands of times but I'd hoped that new ones would have come along of the same standard and was happy to wait for them. Sadly the Hive missions both ground and space have not lived up to expectation (not even close).

Now that the developers have deemed that my play style doesn't warrant dilithium or EC gear rewards I am forced to move elsewhere for entertainment or spend my time here doing things I simply don't enjoy. It's sad but in all honesty I don't think STO will be seeing any new challenging and quality STF development again anyway so I won't be missing much.

So please, can someone hold the door for me so it doesn't hit me on my way out? I salute those of you who will be staying around, for your sakes I hope these guys buck their ideas up and provide you with some fun content.