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11-13-2012, 08:58 PM
I have a lifer subscription bought 5 days after I bought the game. Its great, flying round blowing ships away. Pre Fleet alert Starbase 24 was a mission I played a number of times so this isn't a grind however.

I beleive it was FIRMLY stated that STFS would continue to get dilithium albiet at a reduced rate.

Also when I heard Fleet events were gaining dilithium I imagined that meant the Fleet Mark missions such as Fleet alert, and Blockade would gain dilithium kinda made sense as Fleet Starbases ultimately require millions of dilithium. And as once built you need dilithium to purchase the equipment.

I would request reinstate some measure of dilithium even if only the 480 rate for stfs and re-add the equipment drops. Add dilithium to Fleet Marks events, to progress a Starbase is too much of a grind on the Starbase front unless willing to take a frustrating amount of time especially if looking to complete the 200K special projects that runs along side normal fleet building.

Grinding is not fun, we accept the cap, any reasonable player accepts your wishing to stop dilithium farmers exploiting. I work for a living, and have only a limited amount of time to enjoy the game especially with the comitment to building a base.

Grinding is not fun, players will not stay if there is no fun. Players look to STO as a means of relaxation, not more stress and aggravation.