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11-13-2012, 09:05 PM
This is seriously ridiculous, if they wanna move the dilithium rewards to indirect rewards via projects then fine, but make the ratios higher to have them be at least be close to on par. Like 50 marks for 1000 dilithium and 5 processors for 2000, because you have to keep in mind that those currencies are also spent on the gear and reputation projects


Elite pre s7-1440 dilithium plus stf item currencies

Elite post s7 - elite stf currencies or 1000 dilithium ((you have to pick one or the other each run))

Upping the payouts from turnin projects would fix this if you want to keep it indirect

Otherwise saying "we want to increase the amount of dilithium earned" while simultaneously nerfing the stf dilithium reward kinda makes me wanna link Stahl/whoever designed this change here: