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11-13-2012, 08:07 PM
Concern 1 ? Active level 50 players are refining far less Dilithium than we expect them to.
If it is true that players aren't refining enough dilithium, then there are several problems with the way dilithium works in season 7 that will hinder that goal. I understand why you altered the B'Tran daily and removing the Foundry clickies; those make sense from a balance perspective (though I will personally miss them). However, there are other issues that will prevent you from reaching the goal of players refining more dilithium. Here's the breakdown as I understand it.
  • You took away too much of the dilithium reward from STFs, which was once the primary source of dilithium for a number of players.
  • You added a number of dilithium sinks without adding equivalent dilithium sources.
  • Large sections of the game's content doesn't award dilithium, thus it is not a true time currency.

I have some suggestions about how you could make dilithium more accessible and make it truly a "time currency" without reverting most of the changes you've currently made in season 7.
  • Increase the ratio for Omega Mark conversion to dilithium.
  • Add a way to convert Romulan Marks to dilithium.
  • Add a small amount of dilithium to all replays in the "Episode" panel. This would be particularly helpful for level 50 captains playing with lower level friends.
  • Add dilithium to all events in the PvE queue. If it's something that awards a different currency primarily, then just tack on a little bit of dilithium, say, 240 dilithium for Fleet Alert and Starbase Blockade in addition to the Fleet Mark rewards. Fleet Actions will still award far more dilithium, but without any other currency.
  • Remove the dilithium requirements for the Embassy projects "Generate Diplomatic Contacts" and "Participate in Outreach Programs". This way they would be equivalent to the basic Starbase experience projects. This would also make Embassies far more manageable for small fleets.
  • Add more high-risk long-duration DOff assignments that award high amounts of dilithium. There are already a handful of good ones like "Dilithium Mining in an Unstable Asteroid Cluster"; add a few more for variety and to reward active use of the DOff system.

As it is right now, gaining significant amounts of dilithium requires grinding specifically for dilithium to the exclusion of most other resources. The changes I've proposed would alter it so that players would truly earn adequate amounts of dilithium simply by playing the game, while still providing avenues to grind larger amounts of dilithium to the exclusion of other resources.