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Time to TLDR this mother. This is what I'm referring to.

If anyone wants to respond, please post pictures of the sexy ladies of Star Trek, done RIGHT!

This linked image insults me directly, not just as a straight heterosexual male but as a human being. As someone who has love and adoration for all the sexy ladies of Star Trek, the vast majority of whom were portrayed in a sensual yet respectful light (considering the PG-rated viewers at the time).

Lets ignore everything after ST:Voyager for the time being since that has been said to take place in a parallel universe or whatever they wanted to pull.

This goes out to both Cryptic and PWE. Who is your audience for STO? Who?
The answer: EVERYONE. You want and need as much money from as many players as possible, of BOTH genders. There is ZERO reason to EVER piss off HALF (or more) of your current (and potential) playerbase with **** like this!

Cut dat **** out PWE. Cut the male-gaze pandering. Cut the stupid pseudo-elven females with plunging necklines. Cut it out, now. You don't need it. You need to be the ONE mmo that females can join in and feel a part of the community instead of joining a 'mens club' like almost every other MMO has been. Cryptic did it with City of Heroes so time to keep up the reputation.

Cryptic. I don't care if you're owned by PWE. At least SOME of you have to be offended by this and voice that loudly to PWE or they won't care. PWE are Chinese Ferengi, so treat them appropriately when dealing with them.

Star Trek has had sexy ladies across the series, but this artwork isn't done tastefully or even lore-accurate (what race is she? Vulcan? Romulan?). It is poorly shoddily-made craptastic 'artwork'.

I guarantee there are hundreds of starving artists on several art-focused communities across the entire internet who will bend over backwards to make you FREE artwork for your promotions that is sexy and WAY better than this ****. All you have to do is make it a contest, maybe throw in some free ZEN and guaranteed credit/recognition within the game credits and website. That's it.

Not this ****. Do NOT **** this up PWE, damn Chinese Ferengi. >_>
Or you'll find we're more than happy to take all your GPL and shove it down your frontal lobes.