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11-13-2012, 08:15 PM
I don't usually go for all this reactionary BS when it comes to game changes, nor do I usually post on these forums.

Time sinks are inherent to MMO's, but one of the beauties of STO is the more casual nature that it fostered.

I had unsubbed for a a while, and was strictly FTP for a long time, but I came back during the "buy three months and it's cheaper" deal. I was intending on letting it keep going despite my tight budget since it was a better..."cheaper" deal.

I used to buy a lot of stuff from the C-Store when I had the extra cash, but since there's less and less there, there's been little reason for me to spend any cash there - especially since the buying Zen thing gives me a headache now.

So I'm cancelling my "3 months is cheaper" deal, because the value vs. time - my casual time - just really isn't there anymore.

Sad thing is, I'm not even a part of a fleet, and I don't play STF's, so this new system actually benefits me more because I'm a clothes "ho" and now I could potentially more easily earn that gear I've wanted for a while but couldn't get.
Instead, I've lost interest in the game.

Time sink is one thing, but the value of that time has to be equaled in the pay-out, and there's nothing that draws me to spending massive amounts of time on each of my characters to get what are essentially "cosmetic" items, since I don't PVP, I don't play STF's and I can basically run ragged over any PVE group I find on land or in space with the non-purple gear I've already got.

Ironically, I've been one of those few that has been able to cross that mythical and elusive Dilithium refining threshold during my casual play. Not every day mind you, but quite often.

I know I'm in the minority, but I signed on to this game to play in the Star Trek universe - and I was willing to pay for it - but Star Trek has nothing to do with grinding hours and hours of the exact same content over and over again for what is essentially a trinket that I have to get a bazillion of in order to get some other trinket that I actually want.

I get that it's an MMO and therefore it has to follow a certain MMO logic. But at some point in the development of this game you guys - you new bastions of the OLD Star Trek and keepers of the post-J.J. Abrams TOS-TNG-DS9-VOY and ENT flame (otherwise known as the legacy) - you seem to have lost your way and forgotten what drew the casual players to STO. The ones that have never played an MMO in their life but came here BECAUSE it was Star Trek, and, in this day and age, are starved for the experience of revisiting the franchise in any means necessary.

So yeah, this is kinda a "I quit" post. I'd give you my stuff, but unfortunately it's all bound to my account or my characters. Because apparently that's what happens to Starfleet in the future.

Yeah...apologies if I sound bitter all of the sudden.

It was an amazing game, and I got giddy when you came back Stahl. I've still got hopes you can make it all work, but man, this isn't even nearly close to the way to make that happen.