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Originally Posted by kyeto13 View Post
I have to agree with you here. This is offensive and distasteful. At LEAST give her a proper military uniform, not this "sexelf" costume.
This, times 10.
I have NO problem with 'sexy' when it is done PROPERLY and LORE-APPROPRIATE (or at least justified somehow).

Seven of Nine, a blatant overtly sexual symbol and a 'Liberated Borg' but she had PERSONALITY that made her MORE than just a sexual object.

Deanna Troi, ship's counselor and a really fantastic 'MILF' in many ways, but she had PERSONALITY that made her MORE than just a sexual object.

Need I go on?
The woman in the picture offends me because (knowing what little I know about art) the posing and emphasis in the picture tends to draw 'male gaze' toward her mammary glands. This hurts me as a male and a human being because I'm not some horny teenage **** virgin who goes 'OOO BOOBIES' every other minute. I did that back TEN YEARS AGO.

Game advertisers/marketers still haven't grown up, have they?

Also more importantly, my informal survey of dozens of ESD residents has the population estimated at well over half FEMALE. I'm sure they don't appreciate the emphasis being poorly attributed to T&A.

And FINALLY, Star Trek has NEVER been about sex appeal ALONE. Part of Star Trek has often been about exploration of our humanity and what it means for us as a species. Advancing beyond our base and crude instinctual needs.

This? This 'artwork'? Its ****. It is poorly drawn, offends almost everyone who isn't a virgin, and it reflects poorly on STO as a whole.

Hey PWE, fire the marketer/promoter of that image and hire me instead. I'll get you 1000x the quality at less than half the cost. How can even a Chinese Ferengi say no to that? ^_^

December 20th, 1987. Phantasy Star 1 for the Sega Master System (an 8-bit console) was released in Japan and featured a 15 year old female as the main protagonist that you controlled directly as your avatar in the game. Absolutely ZERO of the marketing or artwork was done to emphasis or show off her female attributes.

November 13, 2012. So much progress, right?

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