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Brandon "Closed" your thread almost as soon as it started - due to you spreading rumors I gather - so I could not post into it. Have not heard your comments lately but just wanted to say - whether it came from chat - or as I suspect your own mind - you called it right on.

You won't be forgotten.

# 1 STO's end does not concern me-Nerf to Dilth grinding does
10-14-2012, 09:04 AM
There has been some chatter that cryptic intends to further make dilth grinding harder after the LTS sale ends.

The primary way they intend to do this is to remove the quickie "investgate officer daily reports" - you will still be able to do them just they will remove the capacity to go to a panel and do all 3 in just a minute or 2.

That is the main chatter I here as the next nerf to dilth grinding - they already nerfed contraband turn over recently fro 3 to 5 and from 2hr to 4 hr.

I suspect there are other ideas in the works to drastcally reduce the amount of dilth that can be collected.

The whole purpose is of course to force people to buy Zen with real money to convert to dilth.

Now there will be people say "but what about the dilth market, it will get out of wack"

No it won't - from watching it for 9 months and watching the stock market for 20 years - I can say will strong confidence that i believe they are already in there keeping the price consant and stable by addind dilth when need be. Over the last few weeks the dilth market has not budged 1 or 2 points a day and there have been hundreds of thousand of dilth on both the buy and the ask. The last lock box only moved it out of it's fixed range for a very short time.

It is clear that it is being manipulate - my bet is on Cryptic and not some players because the movement up or down is almost non existant. And just like the Federal reserve printing money - Crptic is the only ones that can just "print" dilth out of nothing.

So after the LTS sale is over and the do start hitting dilth grinding with a huge nerf bat - how will this affect your game?

Will you use more real money to buy dilth?

Will you stop all starbase projects?

Will you spend more of you time in the game to grind dilth?

Will you quite the game?(of course there will be 1000's more locked into the game with the LTS sale - so I guess you won't quite if the nerf dilth collection some more)

What are your thoughts?