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Originally Posted by rehpic View Post
Sorry, but this doesn't make any sense to me. If you offer to sell 1 zen at price X, you will never get less than X dilithium. The only way you will lose one Dilithium is if you offer to sell your zen for one dilithium less than you bought it for. Of course you might have to wait until someone enters a buy offer at the same price as your sell offer.
If you buy a zen, it will (at that particular time; I don't know what it is now) cost you 159 dil, because that is the best buy price. If you were to go and sell that same zen, you would sell it at 158, since that was the best sell price. You would lose (and when I experimented last night, it happened to me) 1 dil in the process. Even when I wanted to sell that one zen back for 159, to make back what I had spent on it, I couldn't, since that was above the best price listed.