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Can't really do much about the "Sex that sells" stuff, but the Star Trek franchise started out blatantly sexist, I recall the very first episode made me cringe... and a few TNG episodes as well. But it got better, then took a nose dive with T'Pol, Seven of Nine was pretty bad, but no where by comparison to T'Pol. They could remove the cleavage and that would make things much better. The art is good, but it doesn't match... common sense when you think of ... uh Vulcans? Ah well, Cryptic is going to play every card trick they can on us. Personally I don't mind the clothing, but it just doesn't make sense... why a Vulcan huh?

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I like it and think its a good image to accompany the new Season. Its pretty tame actually

.... searches for the Vulcan Love Slave holonovel ...
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