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11-13-2012, 08:49 PM
They have a PvP system which is utter garbage, so why on earth completely destroy PvE when it is the supporting wall of your game?. Season seven caused one thing today for me my lass and our fleet, they all logged off and put another game on. With no reward for stf, why aim for optional, pug it. with the other PvE events, why would i want to try beat my lass and our other fleet members to the rewards in minefield etc... ill pug it too.. Nothing quite like having the product you payed alot for suddenly not doing what it says on the tin so to speak when you purchased it. But im sure all they will need to do is look at the numbers over these next few days and know they have royally ****ed it. About 14 less players here until PvE is worth doing together again.