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11-13-2012, 08:57 PM
I just want to add that I was having fun.

Despite my growing misgivings about the horribly unethical lottery ticket scam you've adopted as your business model, I was actually enjoying grinding up my toons in all the different possible ways. I knew the system was set up to enable that and profit from it, as I purchase the same bridge officers and c-store items again and again, but I was having fun and it seemed like a fair trade to me. I could happily keep buying character slots and trying something new.

Even the c-store ships seemed worthwhile because I would certainly re-use them across my whole account. I was even buying bridges and outfits and other items, because why not? I had to admit they were a better deal than lotto boxes. I learned first-hand what it can take to obtain the full Temporal set. I'd like to go back in time and talk myself out of it.

I don't PVP because pay2win makes it a joke in Star Trek Online, but fat least there was PVE, and despite being a huge grind, the level 50 content was borderline approachable for hardcore and casual gamers alike, and a fairly straightforward process that relied more on planning and teamwork than the color of one's dilithium and fleet support. I don't fleet because it's an ill-concealed scam to make players buy fleet ship modules because you chose to tie that cost to those essential game features.

You have been making tons of money from c-store sales and especially lockbox keys, but you decided you wanted more. You saw an opportunity to sell us austerity like some kind of perverse prize. Aren't we lucky. Let's call it a feature! This is how stupid they think we are.

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