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11-13-2012, 10:14 PM
Hello Devs, fellow travelers, and @wmcarson.

I'm a fleetmate and friend of @wmcarson, or as we call him in fleet, my son (we're not related, but Starfleet Reserve is quirky in that way).

I've run with William / Shelana / R'owua-sek in a variety of scenarios, including Special Task Force missions, since February. In the time I've known him, his take has generally been one to find the broadest point of appeal in anything the game has to offer, and promote that point to others.

I believe him to be a reasonable and level-headed representative of our fleet, most of the time (kidding aside). And this is one of those times.

Why am I posting?
Two reasons.
First, to support @wmcarson's assertions about the future of Star Trek Online. He's right about how STFs shape the game, and have become the focal point for fleet development in endgame content. STF missions are the most-challenging content in the game.

Second, to point-out this:

When a representative of Star Trek Online, or Perfect World Entertainment, LIES to the public, misrepresents a point, or says anything in ANY WAY which rings untrue, it reflects VERY POORLY upon ALL representatives of Perfect World Entertainment.

And, a dev said that Dilithium would not be stripped as a reward for STFs.

What does this mean?

When someone makes a fraudulent statement, it's almost as bad as...

When devs manipulate the currency exchange to keep the Dilithium / Zen costs at an "acceptable" (to PWE) level.

When devs manipulate the EC costs in the (woefully non-transparent) Exchange, to keep costs of key items near a fixed price-point, and misrepresenting it as being market-based pricing.

When devs attempt to manipulate public opinion using non-dev player accounts, as is currently happening BOARD-WIDE, with ALL of the positive commentary regarding Season Seven's release.

Hey players... did a few of you not-quite realize this was going on?
Devs... did none of you realize we figured this out?


I'm not really into caring a whole lot about what PWE thinks I want, or what PWE
wants for me to have.

At this point, it's crystal-clear that PWE doesn't care what we want out of STO. Not even in the loosest, commercial-interest-driven way.

I'm pretty certain I speak for everyone who plays, when I say that NOBODY PLAYING cares what PWE wants us to have, or thinks that we want, if we can't find something of interest in STO.

If we can't find what we want in STO, we'll find it elsewhere.

If PWE doesn't start taking an active interest in meeting player expectations, I am certain I'll find better uses for my time and money, and PWE will fold Star Trek Online soon thereafter.

Platitudes from Brandon don't mean squat, when the game doesn't meet the meat of the replies.

When Dan Stahl says, "X will not happen," X had BETTER not happen.


Let the developers commentary follow.

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