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11-13-2012, 09:16 PM
im really at a loss for words.. with all that is wrong with the game, we are worried about a cartoon image, of a woman who is still fully dressed on the cover of the web page.. wow.. just wow..

pump the breaks dude, i have a few women in my fleet who thought it was a really cool image, it is a video game, it is what it is.. we had 7 of nine in what was easily the tightest uniform ever. we had tpol in her underwear in most episodes where they deconned. this is much tamer compared to that. even the original series was sexist to women.. kirk always sleeping with them and eyeing them. and lets not forget that diana troy was not in a uniform till the end of the show. she was the only person on the ship wearing a "tight" usually somewhat revealing get up.. i mean there was an episode or two where a man was wearing a short skirt. you dont see me calling anyone out..

if you dont like it, dont look at it.. for the most part, most women i know who have seen this and i play with alot, and date one) have said it is harmless and not worth getting worked up about..

pump the breaks, take a chill pill, and worry about some of the crappy bugs in the game..