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Originally Posted by praxian2012 View Post
They can think that, however when the money stops flowing like it was, then even they have to say "Ya know, we messed up."
Even if they were to conclude that, they will not reverse course. No. They will continue to plow ahead full speed until the hypothetical discontinuation of funds results in PWE's decision to pull the plug.

What makes me say that?

Consider SOE's response to the Star Wars Galaxies community's reaction to the NGE. In the space of 24 hours, they loast an estimated 75% of the remaining subscriber base. And after a year and a half they had not turned it around. But did they admit their mistake? Yes. They did. Did they do anything to correct the mistake? No they did not. Their decision was made. Their course was set. And they rode it to the end of the line, never once achieving the potential SWG had. All because of stupid corporate pride.

I see the same exact pattern here. Cryptic, under Perfect World, has become inflexible and single-minded and will not deviate from their course. They HAVE to be right, and to hell with anything any of us have to say about it.

Even though it won't make a difference, I have already chosen to take the OP's position. I refuse to spend a dime of my money on a single unit of Zen. I won't go so far as to refuse to trade Dilithium on the exchange for Zen. Those who posted their Zen on the exchange did so in good faith that someone would make use of it. The money was already spent, or else it was a donation of monthly stipend Zen. But I can honestly say that there are only a handfull of things that I want and they are strictly cosmetic. I won't buy ships to get the consoles. When the Relativity uniform goes on the lobi store, I'll use the Dilithium exchange to get the Zen needed to buy master keys. I'll Sell the loot items on the EC exchange, and will save up the lobi crystals until I can get the uniform.

But as for spending my own money... Not going to happen. So why do I bother to remain? As long is this game remains live, it still has potential. And while I will not hold my breath for Cryptic to actually give a damn about their product, I will hold out hope. It isn't costing me any money. And as to time? Well... I don't play nearly as much as I would if it wasn't a big grindfest.
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