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07-24-2009, 12:00 PM
My follow-up questions to the previous Dev Chat posted in that thread:

Concerining "open PvP" and other forms of combat, sepcifically where territory can change hands:

1) In the NZ and other changeable areas, can my fleet simply attack the enemy and take their territory on our own, or is this going to have to be a mission, instanced or pre-ordained by the game in some other way? Basically, how is "open PvP/PvE combat" initiated?

2) Besides the NZ, what other areas on the map are going to have changeable territory, either through PvP, PvE, or other means? Will it be the borders of each empire or the unexplored areas of the game as some have speculated?

Question about NPC Ships:

1) Can you capture them in combat without having a specific mission to do so? I'm referring to both NPC ships belonging to the IP factions as well as ones belonging to factions made by the Genesis Project. This is something that a number of people have expressed interest in seeing.