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11-13-2012, 11:07 PM
So I absolutely understand the need for Cryptic to balance the economy in game.

There were three concerns that DSthal raised:

Concern 1 ? Active level 50 players are refining far less Dilithium than we expect them to.
Prior to Season 7, the average amount of Dilithium refined by an active level 50 player was 3100 per session or 13,250 per week. That is far less than the cap of 8000 per day when you consider that most level 50 players play multiple days per week and slightly more than the average hours per session.

Concern 2 ? Several missions were rewarding far more Dilithium than they should have.
We have a guideline for how much Dilithium should be earned based on effort and time spent, and there were several missions that were clearly outside of our guidelines and players were using these missions to earn more Dilithium than we intended.

Concern 3 ? New gear being created was not in line with other pricing
With all the new gear in the game, gear pricing needed a balance pass to ensure that the amount of Dilithium required for similar gear was consistent across the game.

I see how they addressed 2 and 3, but, I don't understand how they addressed 1 Branflakes can you explain, please, how the changes made have impacted concern 1?
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