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11-13-2012, 10:07 PM
the reason you were seeing such low daily/weekly dil conversions for the average player was all the alts we have,make an option in the game to mark our mains and you'll see a different amount.
Stfs are now no longer end game content and you're super shiny new stfs will hardly get played ,because we will stop playing them due to a token reward of 5 runs for 1k dil.
Oh and fix the frakkin fleet actions seeing as thats where most of us will go for dil now, Gorn minefield is a joke and klingon scout force warps you out as soon as you're in

wouldn't hurt to add some dil to new romulus missions either or the planet will slowly see less players.

less dilithium is the biggest mistake you guys have made to date yet.

i nearly bought the vesta and steamrunner last night,but then i realised i won't have enough dilithium to outfit them with fleet weapons any time soon,by the time i do the next new shiny ship will be out.
you do the maths on how much from one player you lost money from.