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Originally Posted by speedofheat View Post
So I absolutely understand the need for Cryptic to balance the economy in game.

There were three concerns that DSthal raised:

I see how they addressed 2 and 3, but, I don't understand how they addressed 1 Branflakes can you explain, please, how the changes made have impacted concern 1?
The average character will refine more, assuming they switch all of their playtime to Fleet Actions.

As to whether the average PLAYER will, it depends on how many alts you have. This is not really an alt friendly move.

You'll see more characters hitting the refinement cap but less people playing alts.

FAs are shorter and take less skill than STFs and FAs reward more dilithium than STFs used to.

What all of this boils down to is more or less phasing out STFs as anything more than a twice a week thing and even then you could just do Borg Red Alerts and never touch an STF. The ONLY reason to touch an STF EVER now is for Mark XII gear sets because they're not needed for Omega rep. That's something like 100 runs, your choice of Elites or you can just opt not to get Mk XII gear.

These changes don't make dilithium hard to get. If you don't have alts, it's easier to get in S7.

What these changes do are make it so that alts are less valuable and STFs are pointless as something you'd want to do more than a handful of a week.