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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Several bugs were found during QA testing, deeming the outfits unfit for public release. And, due to the ramp-up to Season 7, our artists didn't have sufficient work cycles to get those bugs ironed out, as they were engaged with higher priority tasks (like making New Romulus so awesome, for example).

I can't say for certain what the art team's schedule looks like now that Season 7 is in public hands, so I'll shy away from making any promises on timelines for now. But at least I can offer an explanation.
yet another blow to my moral levels there J-Man. not your fault I know. I really hope by the time the uniforms do finally make it in game you'll of decided to make it a C-Store/account wide unlock item for all the heartache and pain.  1340247645
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