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Getting a pretty long list myself. Seems everything I try has some kind of bug/glitch.

Reputation system queue - If you just click on the area to queue the next project it starts a project and queues the other. This basically locks you to only one active project. After messing around for about 10 minutes I was able to get around it by queuing the same project that was already started. This restored the ability to start the second project.

Quite a few vendors are missing their backgrounds. They just show up in a white box.

Fleet credit reward seem to be buggy. Contributed 125 entertainment provisions and received 97 fleet credits. Contributed 250 shield generators and received 249 fleet credits.

Some fleet projects have contribution buttons active even when that section is full. For instance operations duty officers at 32/32 but not full.

Contributing large hypos/shield packs take them from your characters equipped items instead of inventory.

Opening reputation system tab closes inventory window.

The rep system isnt locking u into 1 project. wats happening is at the beginning there r only 2 projects. and u cant have 2 of the same project running at one time. so if u start one and que the other to happen right after it. it wont let u start either on in the other assignment slot. so to fix this u use 1 slot for 1 project. que up the same one to start right after. and use the other slot to do the other project. and repeat, its the same way with the fleet starbase system

The reason it says that it is full is because they reduced the amount of officers needed to complete the project. therefor u already had the needed amount once the changes set in. if u tired to contribute it wont let u. and it will stay lit up even when the project actually begins
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