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11-14-2012, 12:38 AM
The behavior you describe is working as intended. Check the Season 7 Release Notes, under the "Systems" section. Third bullet down in that section explains what you saw.

Anything you donate to a Starbase project is gone... forever. That's how Starbase donations have worked when Season 6/Starbases were introduced, and Season 7 does not change this.

What you get to keep are the Fleet Credits you got for making those donations.

The "stuck" "Contribute" button is a bug. If you had x officers donated prior to to Season 7 release, and the new requirement is less than (or equal to?) x, the game does not change the "Contribute" button to the "Filled" button. Clicking the "Contribute" button does bring up the officer selection UI, but if you select any officers and hit the "Ok" button, no officers will be donated to the project. However, if you fill in all of the other requirements for the project, the game will start the project. (I personally tested this.) Therefore, the "Contribute" button bug does not affect gameplay, at least in my case.