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Originally Posted by waarder View Post
Can someone please tell my why people complain so much, but still play?
If you dont like it, go and play an other mmo
if you dont like it but like the came to much. Suck it up and Shut your.....

90% of all forum posts are complaints. I can imagine the dev's dont like it that much. and just stoped listening. i would do the same if i was a dev..

If you want people to help you, be a littlebit more relaxed and give tips. dont burn down the house.
Normally I would agree with you, but in this case the WHOLE player base is shouting out- not just a select few moany self-centred prats. This one update has effectively killed the game for everyone.

Also unsuprisingly, no mod OR Dev contact in this thread at all (Not to mention devtracker is "Broken (working as intended)" so we cant track dev posts)

So heres whats need to happen Dstahl or Brandon or someone needs to get their arse in gear and get in here! You need to listen to the players and come up with a workable solution preferably prior to the next patch- because if you dont the money making aspect of this game WILL dry up as players leaver for SW:TOR and other games that are currently going FTP.

The only way the devs are going to correct this (if they ever do) is listening to the whole player base crying out and sorting the problem using one of the many solutions posted in 12 pages of thread.

and just a little note for any mod who walks in here, as a fellow mod from another gaming forum...

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