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11-13-2012, 11:59 PM
Yea... Hive Space Elite is insane.
First... 6 Tac cubes, and they expect us to kill them all in 10 minutes for the optional. Possible in a team of only full DPS Escorts. Maybe.
Next... Command Ships of Doom. Unless you got Power Drains on top of Power Drains... its just impossible. The frickin' Superlasers have a 20 Km range (Granted they aren't entirely accurate at times thankfully), Insta death Torpedo Spreads, Regen Probes that constantly come back...
Normal Command Ship tactics DO NOT WORK!
Tried my usual Circle the top spike. Died left and right. Tried parking right in its face in hopes that the Plasma Bolt would do lots of damage. NEGATED by Regen Probes that appear pretty much instantly after one Regen is destroyed. Even tried Harsh Language. And it is actually made worse by the increasing respawn timer. Whole team dies, back to Square One.
Hive Space Elite was actually the first STF I Rage Quit.

In short... this mission is NOT balanced for a team of 5.
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