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Can someone please tell my why people complain so much, but still play?
If you dont like it, go and play an other mmo
if you dont like it but like the came to much. Suck it up and Shut your.....

90% of all forum posts are complaints. I can imagine the dev's dont like it that much. and just stoped listening. i would do the same if i was a dev..

If you want people to help you, be a littlebit more relaxed and give tips. dont burn down the house.
People compain and still play the game because they are passionate about the game. The changes have not toally destroyed the game. But the changes are ground shaking. The developer are pushing people in the playing the game the way the devs want them to. And play the content the devs want them to play.

The Blog says it all. You spent 3.5 hours a play session. Doing cotent your consider fun. That won't do. The devs want you to have to spent that entire time to earn dilithium if you want any more then mission rewards in terms of equipment. And your meger dilithium have to be split amount gearing up, earning zen for C-Store purchases, fleet projects or embassy projects. Pick one to do quick or spread yourself thin and take forever less a day to do any of it. This for the casual player.