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Originally Posted by waarder View Post
Can someone please tell my why people complain so much, but still play?
If you dont like it, go and play an other mmo
if you dont like it but like the came to much. Suck it up and Shut your.....
We complain because we're avid players. When I really don't enjoy a game, leaving is very easy.

The lack of dilithium is not a problem for me. The problem is doing something that is rather demanding, and when I am done, there is no sense of gain. Dilithium was good for that, and now it is gone. I play and play and I get.... nothing?

I don't know what reputation gets me yet. I do know that star bases are now going nowhere. I am pretty sure embassies are not going anywhere until we see the grind leading somewhere that we want to go.

I will give it some time, but there are strong tides in the MMO world that are pulling me away from STO. I have spent a ton of money here, and while I may not be missed, if enough people like me lose interest... then that will definitely be missed by Cryptic.

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