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11-14-2012, 12:28 AM
Chimera/Pegh'u should be the most powerful in-game ship. Period.
What hereticknight said.

Just being a lifetime subber doesn't mean you should have all the best stuff by fiat.

If STO were TRULY as "Pay-to-win" as its critics insist, then it would be the people who would spend the most money that would deserve to pay for the best in-game ship.

And the truth is, the people who spend the most money are probably NOT the lifetime subscribers.

Not counting C-store purchases, if you've had you're lifetime sub since day one or shortly after, then you've certainly spent less money than a person who subscribed monthly and stayed that way until today. In fact, if you've been playing lifetime, your sub has long paid for itself through free game time played as well as the monthly stipend.

No no, what lifers "deserve" is a really cool ship that no one else will have. The Chimera and the Peghu are exactly that.