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11-14-2012, 12:31 AM
Guys. What he is saying is that while most people refined less than the devs would have expected, a few were refining much more than that per time invested.

So they are trying to solve two problems:

1. Have the few people who found exploits get less dilithium than before.
2. Have the people who didn't bother to search for such exploits get more dilithium than before.

In other words, they are making the amount of dilithium you earn more dependent on the time you play and less on cunning analysis of the system (or a copy of someone else's).

And what he is also saying is that if the results of this turn out to not make people, on average, earn more dilithium than now, they will adjust it just like they will remove exploits if people find any.

So I suggest we all just find out how to get Dilithium in an enjoyable way that is not too quick, and have fun with it.
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