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11-14-2012, 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
You're gonna make me lol ?

Good for you . We all simply have to have a pointles jihad in our lives , so glad you have yours . I hope you at least get payed .
It's a choice. One can only stand by and see so many idiots sling baseless accusation with only the flimsiest evidence for so long before one feels the need to call them out on their stupidity.

Besides, you forgot the part where I said I tell them what I think is wrong, too (which incidentally was the entire point of the post you cherry-picked from). You're trying to paint me as some apologist by omitting statements. Poor form.

Wait ... is this the reason your outdated Galaxy-X "troll the players" sig just went away ?
No, that went away for something else entirely. The new thing got moderated, and I can't say anything else due to rules.

But I do need a new sig. Might cook up something new. Maybe inflamatory, maybe not, but I certainly have a juicy topic to base it on if I want to be a little nuisance about it.

Oh ... I love it when the Cryptic Defense League crumbles .
It always takes that "last straw" , but dammit it always happens .
Just because I've never been really upset at a choice they've made doesn't make mt an apologist. Calling them out on a decision I think is bad doesn't mean I've crumbled. I'm no different than any sane person voicing their concerns, it just took longer for me to have a concern to start with.

Off course it is ! The Center of the Universe a you know it .
It's just so nice to see that you think that Cryptic (and we all) need to see that "obvious fact" as well .
How could we have missed it for sooo loooong ???
Bad wording on my part, mistake in retrospect. The intent was something akin to "Look man, I'm your friend and I'm trying to give you advice" in a conversational manner, followed by the proposition of a potential middle ground.

Clearly I should have omitted the part you quoted and gotten straight to the proposition. My bad.