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11-14-2012, 02:03 AM
Hi Dan,

no longer than 3 days ago, i was running to my computer to start playing STO.

You see, i am one of these long-time Gold Player who fell for it and even commited into buying a LTS 3 weeks ago.

So i was still kinda feeling a "high" with the game because the Veteran ship is great and all, and i was genuinely still having fun doing STFs ( both Space AND ground ). Know why?

I felt that i was ENTERTAINED.

What made the game entertaining and making me coming back for more?

- The STF random loot bags and the extra dilithium reward and extra reward for optional success. Some players have a love/hate relationship with random loot but myself as an avid gambler always felt compelled to come back for always 1 more STF because it could be the "jack pot" one.

This is also why i also fell so often for your Lock Boxes. I am just too curious for my own good and "need" to open them.

In a sense, i am the BEST customer you could ever have.

I bought LTS and i weekly bought Zen with real money to spend on keys and even sometimes to sell for Dilithium.

But THERE IS A LIMIT when i find out that you are charging me alot of extras but are not willing to give me any consideration.

I spend alot of money when i go to casino and i rarely win any. At least, they treat me good, they take care of me and my wallet, they give me free food, free hostel room and often free chips. They know i will come back at THEIR casino.

YOU CRYPTIC are acting like you do not give a damn about your customers fun. You are like vampires that only want to drain as much blood you can and give nothing in exchange.

You devise plans and plans within plans in order to give the bare minimum required to keep your customers but have ceased since long trying to reach beyond that plan.

You do not like your customers. You are seeing them like milk cows.

You do not respect your customers. You lie blatantly to them.

You deceive your customers. You change the house rules on a whim because you suddenly feel you could milk more money with new rules. You add 3 more zeros on the roulette and warn the players only after the bets are off.

So i logged in today. I took a look at my twelve characters like i do everyday.
I noticed the nice yellow box all of them add in their inventory.
I noticed Duty Officers upgrading prices are now higher.
I noticed after a STF that i got no Dilithium and no random blue/purple items...
I joined a Fleet Action. No one was talking, all was chaos. No teamplay. But we still get 1400 Dilithium for doing something INCREDIBLY STUPID AND BORING.

Then i realised that could not be true. That is a nonsense. Stupid Fleet action give more reward than any STF? This is WRONG.

The only "challenging" and "exciting" content as now barely any INSTANT reward but Fleet Actions now give Dilithium AND random gear?

Sorry... I can't and won't accept this. My wallet is now closed.