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11-14-2012, 01:07 AM
Now it's time you tell us the real reasons for these changes. Surely it wasn't customer satisfaction. Nor was it exploitation according to you since the average player only refined 3100 dilithum a day. The only reason I see is that you want to turn the Zen ---> dilithium conversion into another cash cow and this is just disgusting!

There are some changes that are understandable:
- The double-dilithium reward for B'tran for example. Even though I doubt many players will still do those boring missions for just 1440 dilithium.
- Or that dilithium costs for reassigning doffs were raised. But the new level is just insolent.
- And maybe that you have to play foundry missions that are longer than just 2min for the officer reports daily. But the fact that you now have to invest at least an hour for this mission just for 1440 dilithium and a few marks are way over the top.

What Stahl forgot to mention is that besides having to spend 4 hours just to get 8000 unrefined dilithium you also have to grind for Omega marks, Romulan marks and all the other stuff necessary to increase your reputation. While untill season 6 you were able to grind for Borg tech, dilithium AND tradable items at the same time. In other words: The value of your time invested has greatly decreased.

Stahl: "Our expectation is that the Season 7 Dilithium changes will have minimal impact once the changes are fully realized and players are understanding of how things have shifted. "

Yeah right.