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11-14-2012, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by roguetrooperz View Post
so seriously thinking of saving the EC up to get one which will tkae a few months but the question i have is, how good is it what do people think about it and is it worth the moeny time and effort?
The Bug is definitely the best escort in the game and in the eyes of some, the best ship in the game, but before you spend all that EC you have to ask yourself how much the best ship in the game is really worth.

Do you play PvP a lot? If so, then yes, having the best escort in the game is definitely a plus.

But if you don't play PvP, then having the best equipment simply doesn't matter as much as playing well. This is especially true for space missions.

But if you're just wanting to see what the fuss is about or simply looking for a new ship to play, it might not be worth th 250m+ EC it commands on the exchange.

A fleetmate of mine was lucky enough to score a Bug on a reinforcement pack this week, and what he plans to do is sell the Bug (once prices go back up after the promo) and then use the obscene amounts of money he made to BUY the Lockbox and Lobi ships he really wants.