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1.)For a start, Cryptic has saved my private 6 man fleet, The Hiigaran empire from extinction. With the DOFF and commodies requirements being HALVED (The Doff side is the bet bit) and now Dilithium is much much easier (And funner) to get we can carry on plodding along with our Starbase, and not feel left out just because we are a small fleet.

2.) The Aventine is beautifull, hull is flimsy (but shields last for ages and it can move), The quantum field phaser is epic, what heavy graviton beam should have been.

3.)The reputation systems a very good idea, now I can have zone chat open Ds9!

All in all, I cannot comprehend the hate for this update. Dilithium is much easier to earn, you don't earn it from STFS, but you do from regular fleet actions (which lower levels can do, and I don't get tons of hate because I'm not flying am escort!

Good on you cryptic. 5/5.