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11-14-2012, 02:33 AM
blockade runner escort, the steamrunner

all of you should get this, to ether support more canon ship like this getting added, or because its a fleet level ship thats an account wide unlock that only costs $10. it has 34500 hitpoints, or 400 more then a fleet patrol, and an interesting 2 LT eng and 1 ENS sci station setup.

3 DHC, 1 DBB, 3 turrets

TT1, BO2, CRF2, APO3

EPtS1, AtS1


station power long form here


omega deflector
omega engine
maco shield


3 turn, 1 EPS

borg, zero point

4 energy type consoles


2 purple damage control, 2 attack pattern doffs, 1 AtS doff

16 turn is a tad low, so i have a heavy investment in turn consoles. AP doffs giving you lots of APO3 up time will be very helpful too. HE1 and AtS1 with the AtS doff should be enough to keep you hull healthy, and you have RSP to fall back on. with heals covered, you can use the omega engine, its nice and fast, and with good engine energy and APO will make you very speedy for such i fat, chunky ship. damage control doffs will let you use your EPtS and EPtE at their global with just 1 copy.
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