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11-14-2012, 03:35 AM
Originally Posted by otowi View Post
Sounds to me like most of you are using the integrated Intel graphics chip set. This is not really intended for gaming, I'm sorry to say.

Yes, you can run the game, but it's not a dedicated graphics card, like the ATI Mobilty Radeon, or other dedicated graphics cards. The dedicated cards have more ram, have much better cooling, and are generally better all around for gaming, or other procesess that needs heavy graphic rendering.

It might be someting has changed in the graphics code with S 7, but hopefully this will get fixed by Cryptic...

I hope this helps...
You can't call 'working as intended' on this one, otowi. The game went from running smooth as silk at medium high settings on my integrated chipset to OMFG HANG HANG BLACK SCREEN CRASH DUMP LOCK literally overnight. EVEN WHEN RUNNING THE GAME IN SAFE MODE.

Season 7 has borked something majorly. Hopefully the devs will pay attention to this thread, as it is literally game-crippling.

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