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07-24-2009, 04:20 PM
I have a question about the PvP aspect.

1. Will systems be conquerable?
Meaning will it be possible to enter a certain system and take control of it's planets and alike?
2. How is dying going to be worked out?
Will you respawn at a friendly starbase or something? Because I don't like the feeling most MMO's have when you are running back to your corpse(Or your wreck in this case) just to get killed again at low health.
3. Will there be none-PVP zones?
For example heavily guarded areas that are hard to attack without a backing of a big fleet.
4. Will there be different servers to pick?
For example roleplayservers and PvP servers? Or will it be one big server? I'd love to see a roleplayserver for people that don't want to see the USS Kickass flying around and such.